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A Key for Network Marketing Success

Use a Professional Domain Name in Email and Marketing

Registering and using a domain name for your Network Marketing business is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve your professionalism and chances for success! It is no secret that a domain name adds credibility to any business.

We are promoting your success and we hope you will take a few minutes to read this brief article and then register and use a professional domain name for your network marketing business.

Your are the opportunity

In any network marketing business the product is important, but when it comes down to it, you are the opportunity that people are investing in. In your business, you are the leader and the brand, for your team to trust you you must be viewed as professional and dedicated. Even with the best network marketing business, the product is second to the leadership that you provide. Owning and using your domain promotes your brand and shows people that you are serious about your business.

Build Your Brand

When you own a domain name, you can use that domain for a branded professional email address, forward it to the website that your MLM company provides and build your own website. You can print your domain name on business cards, flyers, use it for links on social media accounts etc. When people see those business cards, flyers and links on your social media accounts they see your brand, not gmail’s, aol’s or even your MLM parent company. You will carry your brand with you as your business develops.

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Domain Name Considerations

These are the things you need to consider when choosing a domain name for your network marketing business.


  • Most MLM Companies prohibit you from using their trademarked names in a domain name. Don’t use their name in yours.


  • Is it available in social media? When settling on a domain name, make sure that it is available across social media platforms and secure that name on those platforms.


  • Chose a name that is easy to spell, avoid dashes in the name and numbers. Numbers can be very confusing in domain names and it forces you to register all variations of the numbered domain, you would need to register the number and the number spelled out. (Register and


  • Use your name as the domain name. A great option for a domain name is your actual name, Arbonne Independent Consultant Monet Sandoval uses Using your name as the domain name allows you to brand yourself and on the off chance you decide to change network marketing businesses you can easily change over your website and forwarding without losing any of the work you have put into building your brand. If you name is not available, try adding something to it like.. or

Use a Professional Email Address

Nothing says “I’m not serious in business” like a gmail, aol or other free unprofessional email address. When you own a domain name, you can use that domain for a professional personalized email address. Using instantly shows that you have taken the basic steps to build a real business. More benefits of using your own domain name is the ability to provide email addresses to your team and use different address in marketing material to track effectiveness.


Some example email addresses:

Forward your domain to a website

Many network marketing companies provide a basic web page. You need to make sure that when people are going to your web page, they actually go to your web page. The URL for this website is usually long and very hard to communicate to people and you run the risk of people getting lost when they are trying to learn more about you or purchase products from you. Making it complicated to get to you costs you money and costs you and your team opportunity.


A domain forwarding example:

Monet Sandoval is an Executive District Manager with Arbonne. She uses her domain name, to direct people to her Arbonne Independent Consultant  Web Page:


You don’t need to be a tech and internet genius to recognize understand the huge professional difference between the two web addresses.


You can also forward your domain to a Facebook page or other social media account if that is where you want to send visitors. We use to our Facebook page and even though we don’t actively use Instagram, we send traffic that visits to our Instagram account

Build a Website

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, building and controlling your own website is a huge way to help build your brand, your team and your sales! Your own website allows you to link to all your social media accounts, post team training articles, link directly to products and so much more! If you have the time and skill, a website can be built for very little money, around $100 a year, using Managed WordPress Hosting or as little as $15 a year using our Website Builder. If you need to hire a designer, they can cost $500 to $20,000 to build depending on the features and complexity. You would need to determine if such an investment is required to reach your goals.


An example of a custom network marketing business website:


Rebekah Wilhelm is an Origami Owl Independent Designer who uses her website, to share some information about her and link to some of her favorite Origami Owl charms.

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How to Register a Domain Name

Registering a domain name is very easy. Use one of the search boxes on this page to check the domain availability, then add it to your cart and follow the checkout process. To start, you only need the domain name and email plan, so skip past all the other promoted products and pay for your domain and email plan. You only need 1 year of registration, the domain will auto renew if you have an active credit card on file or you make changes to the settings inside your account.


You may want to add private registration. Registering your domain name requires that you have valid contact information in the public record. People who are uncomfortable with this can use our private registration service to use our proxy contact information in place of yours.


Setting up the domain to forward and your professional email is very easy, but we understand that some people like to have a helping hand when setting it up. You can all our tech support at anytime and we are happy to assist you! Be sure to have your account number and PIN ready when you call.


If you’d like our help registering a domain, click here to create an account and call us to complete the domain registration process.

Here for you

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