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Setup Gmail to Check Other Email Accounts

This guide will show you how to setup your Gmail account to receive and send emails from your other email accounts from inside your Gmail account.

Step 1:

Log in to the gmail account that you want to use as the place to send and receive emails inside of.

Step 2:

Open your Gmail Settings. The settings page is opened by hovering over the gear icon on the upper right corner and clicking on the settings link.

Gmail Settings Location

Step 3:

In the Gmail settings area click on the “Accounts and Import” Tab and then in the “Check mail from other accounts” section click on “Add a mail account.” A window will pop up to add the account.

Gmail Settings, Accounts and Import

Step 4:

Enter the email address you would like to send and receive emails, click next.

Ad Email Address

Step 5:

Select “Import emails from my other account” Click Next.

Add POP email account

Step 6:

  • The username is your full email address.
  • The password is the password that is used to log into the email account (not your gmail password)
  • POP Server: this is the pop server address from the account you are setting up. customers should use:
  • POP Server port should be 995 (this is the SSL (secure) port)
  • Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server, or not. This depends on your storage availability inside of the email account. (we recommend that you do not leave a copy on server.)
  • Always use a secure connection. Yes.
  • Label incoming messages, this is a personal preference to help you organize and sort.
  • Archive incoming messages, this depends on the purpose of the email account. If this email address is something you will be using to send and receive, then you should leave this unchecked.

Click Add Account

Enter Mail Settings

Step 7:

After successfully adding the email account you now have the option to send mail from this email address. Click Next

Successfully add an email account

Step 8:

Enter the name you want to appear on outgoing messages. This is your name, not your email address.

Add email address to send from gmail

Step 9:

Configure your outgoing mail server

  • Enter your SMTP server details. Kwazadilla customers must use
  • Select port 465 (this is the secure outgoing port)
  • Enter your username. This is the complete email address that you are setting up.
  • Enter the password. This is the password of the email address you are setting up.
  • Select the SSL option

Click add account.

add smtp server to gmail

Step 10:


If you have successfully added the account, gmail will send a confirmation email. You will need to open this email and follow the instructions (usually just click on a link) to confirm your email address.